Kelsey Kramer

Blu Stylist

Big Transformations & Big Smiles

August 24

Hi! I’m Kelsey Kramer, a stylist at Blu. I’ve worked in a salon since my junior year of high school. I started as a receptionist at a busy salon in Sioux Falls, and my favorite thing to see was when people would completely change their look. They would walk in with stick-straight blonde hair and walk out with big bouncy curls and their whole head red… and always with big smiles, excited to show the world the new transformation.

Fast forward… 10 years ago (in October) I graduated from Stewart’s School. My favorite thing in this industry is to give a client a brand new look! I also love to provide my opinion on what style or color would look best on them. I grew up with three brothers… so I’m really good at voicing my opinion. (Some may say bossy… I like to think creatively opinionated.) 

Some stylists get a little nervous when a client says “Do whatever you want, I need a change,” but I thrive off that statement. 

Today, I’m going to discuss a couple of my favorite services, big transformations, and the questions I ask my clients to get the look that’s just right for them.

Men's Cuts

I’ve had numerous men in my chair with hair down to their shoulders telling me it’s been a year since their last cut and asking what I think they should do. Here’s some questions I ask the client (or myself as I look at the hair in front of me!) 


  • How much maintenance are you willing to put into this look? Is it a wash-and-go or will you spend time styling it? 
  • Is your hair naturally straight or wavy?
  • Do you have cowlicks or a widows peak? 
  • How’s the client’s hairline? 
  • What’s the client’s face shape? 
  • Does he have a beard or facial hair? 


Asking all of those questions helps me come up with the best look. One of the reasons I so enjoy men’s hair is they are more willing to make transformations… when he sees himself for the first time with hair off their ears and the paste holding their bangs up off their forehead. That smile is what I always strive to bring to their faces.


Extensions come in all shapes and sizes… some are more affordable while some are more expensive. A lot of the time people get extensions for an event like a wedding or prom… I wore extensions at my wedding and I still love wearing them! It’s so fun to switch up your look! 

All in all, big transformations —for men or women— length, color, or styling… they’re all so much fun. I love what I do and the fact that I get to help people feel more beautiful and confident every day. 

If you’re thinking about a big transformation, book a consultation or stop by to chat with a stylist or Client Service Specialist! I’m already excited for you!