Blu Stylist

Mallory's Trend Mash-Up

August 26

When it comes to hair trends, I’ve got a few favorites at the moment. These three trends are effortless for anyone looking to spice up their look this fall. We are talking beachy waves, curtain bangs, and warmer colors. 

Tousled Beach Wave

I love the tousled beach wave because of their effortless look. This look can actually be pretty effortless with our Oribe products. Stop in to pick up the Apres Beachy Wave and Shine Spray from Oribe. This product can be used on wet or dry hair, but when I am going for this look I typically use some before my hair has dried and then to also finish off the look once dry.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a style that seem to come and go. Right now there are HERE. I am loving the way curtain bangs can be worn as a bold statement but yet still have the option to make the style a bit more subtle. Curtain bangs’ ability to be so versatile make them a great option for all face shapes.

Warm Colors

While ashy tones can be extremely flattering for some skin tones, I recommend those who haven’t loved their ashy look to seek a warmer tone. If your skin is fair, like mine in the fall, you might look into trying a warmer tone. This will minimize the noticeable redness or pink in your skin. Try a golden blonde, neutral brown, or amber red to give your skin a healthy and natural-looking flush.

Whether you are a fan of the waves, curtain bangs, or warm hair, we all have our own preferences. Our main objective while working with clients is to bring the inner beauty outward. That means not one look will be suitable for all. Our team is great about hearing who you are and how you’d like to show up before moving forward with a style for you. Make an appointment or set a consultation today to see if these looks might be a good fit for you!