How to float

Pre float

1. Disrobe completely. (or with swimwear)
2. Put in provided ear plugs.
3. Shower completely. Keep our tanks as clean as possible!
4. Get in the tank and float away!

In the tank

Practice being still, yet as relaxed as possible. You may gently bump into the walls once in a while. Just very gently push yourself back to center. Your body will eventually find its way to the center.

Use The time in the tank to let your mind explore. Tip: Don’t worry about time. We will let you know when your session is over.

You will be laying on your back with your arms relaxed to your side. You may want to explore putting your hands over your head to stretch your chest. This can also take some strain off your neck if it becomes uncomfortable.

During your first few floats you may feel some neck discomfort. To alleviate this, just gently cradle your hands under your head. Once the discomfort subsides continue to let go and put your arms back to neutral position.

Remember the water is very salty! It will sting your eyes if you drip water in your eye. Do not rub your eyes during the session.

Post float

1. Caution! Slippery when wet!
2. Shower completely
3. Towel dry
4. Keep ear plugs for up to 5 sessions!
5. Get dressed!
6. Continue on your day and enjoy the benefits!

Tips + tricks

Refrain from drinking your morning cup of joe or any energy drink. This will increase your heart rate and potentially increase the opportunity for panic instead of relaxation.

Stick with a light meal an hour prior to floating you don’t want a stuffed tummy, nor a tummy grumbling for food; This could be highly distracting!

Be sure to use the restroom before your float. If you do have to get out during your float please shower before and after you use the restroom.

You don’t want your eyes to sting! Take your contacts out to prevent irritation. If you have dyed your hair in the last 2 weeks please refrain from the float tank. And be sure to have had a couple washes. Blu is not responsible for any hair color changes after a float!

Refrain from shaving 12 hours prior to your float. This will prevent discomfort from the Epsom salt coming in contact with your freshly shaved skin.