Med Spa


We recommended monthly facials for optimal results.

We have facials for expecting mama's, however for safety reasons not all our facials are available.

* We offer a free 15 minute consultation prior to any botox or filler appointment. Treatment plan consultations are free and will take 45 minutes to cover skincare, botox/filler, and financial topics ($50 no show/call fee will be charged for this consultation). All clients will complete paperwork for botox/fillers.

The Blu Facial - $100

60 Minutes

This totally customized facial is meant to see results after time. It is intended to pinpoint and aid in correcting desired areas with PCA products. For the more results driven clients.

Blu Diamond Facial - $175

60 Minutes

The Hydroluxx machine deeply exfoliates the skin using a liquid serum solution combined with natural ingredients, such as Green Tea, Arnica, Aloe Vera and more. The serum is also infused for extra moisture and even skin toning.

We do not recommend Hydroluxx while pregnant.

The Peel

Eminence - $100
Allergan - $175
MD peel - medical grade - $200

60 Minutes

This chemical peel will be totally customizable to your consultation. After discussing with our specialist on what best fits you, you will receive a relaxing facial along with the chemical peel that will change the game for you! Our PCA chemical peels are second to none, and will leave you with results that you will notice immediately.

A chemical Peel will be selected for your unique skins needs. Our peels work well for many skin conditions such as: blemished, congested, sun-damaged, pigmented, mature, and dry skin.

Chemical Peels must be done when RN or CNP on-site. Grace will be doing these but you must have had a consultation (15 minutes) or the Treatment plan consultation prior to scheduling. 

Facial Add-ons:

- Hydrogelly - $20
- Dermaplaning - $35
- Collagen induction - $50
- Extractions - $15
- High Frequency - $25

*Can be added to any facial.


Hyperhidrosis Treatment - $1,000

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used to aid in facial contouring as well as aid in a smoother appearance, and most commonly known to plump the lips. We use different products for different areas- Lips, cheeks, etc.

*Price varies dependent upon product but will be discussed in consultation and an upfront cost will be determined.

Plasma Induction Facial - $350

This facial has a less invasiveness than the commonly known “Vampire Facial,” however we still utilize your Platelet-Rich plasma to increase collagen production and repair skin. This will even your skin tone, brighten and smooth those fine lines naturally. I cannot tell you how fantastic this facial is for everyone. And, you can’t beat the price! To better explain in terms of individuals who maybe aren’t aware of PRP, this facial is kind of like inserting collagen right into the affected area, making results happen sooner than orally taking collagen and longer lasting.

* Vitamin B Injections $25/shot OR 1 per week for $75/month (see Membership)

* Lipomino Injections $25/shot OR 1 per week for $75/month (see Membership)

IV Therapy

Meyers – Hangover - $110

Add Zofran for $25

Beauty – Collagen and Biotin - $110

Recovery – Sports Recovery/Hydration - $110


PRP – (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Injections

$800/area OR $1500/series of 3

Originally known to treat and repair tendons/ligaments/muscles for injuries, we are now able to use PRP to treat the following at Blu!

-Tear troughs – aids in removing dark pigmentation and the look of “bags” This does not replace the surgical procedure, lepharoplasty. Typically, all other under eye issues can be treated through PRP. The PRP injection stimulates collagen to thicken and brighten the appearance of the skin. We can confidently say we have seen fantastic results from procedures performed by us at Blu!

-Hair Loss Restoration – PRP can aid in repairing the follicles as they typically shrink and PRP injections can help to repair those hair follicles to their original size. It can also help to increase the blood supply to those follicles which creates thicker hair. This will not fully restore 100% hair loss.

-Couple Sexual Health and healing. Allison and Cierra together are able to work with couples in utilizing PRP to gain more confidence as well as aid in urinary incontinence for females. All PRP for Sexual health requires a consultation as a couple with both Allison and Cierra prior to any procedures being done.