Cierra Murphy

Blu Salon & Spa Owner

Ikea Favs

Today’s blog post will be short and sweet. Check out my latest reel 😉

So, I love LOVE myself a good Target run, but I really also LOVE a good Ikea run. There are so many reasons and as you see in my video the staples are the staples. They keep us organized and clean looking. My biggest reason for loving Ikea is the clean, modern, minimalistic look. And…. It’s affordable! So since you saw the staples, let me tell you what I’m loving right now!


Just in time for summer, and for next winter, outdoor storage. I mean it’s cute, sleek and contains the clutter! When asking yourself why you need this, think kid’s outdoor toys. 

My husband doesn’t know it yet… BUT this bad boy is making its way into our bedroom! I love a chandelier in the bedroom, but I also am loving the light wood/relax feel that is becoming popular! 

Ok, ok, call me ridiculous but these bath mats are EVERYTHING. They wash up sooo nice and look great. If you’re a mom, you know. You need something that can be washed over and over and not look like it has been through a wood chipper. See gray rug below. 

Finally, last but not least are some bins. There are 3 things in my life when it comes to shopping, I have absolutely NO control over. Zilch, 0. They are storage bins, shoes, and blankets. Obsessions, maybe? Anyways, these are adorable, great quality, sleek, modern, clean and functional.  

There’s a ton more I truly love at Ikea. We did both of our closets (they are small) entirely with an Ikea system. Best thing we ever did. We utilize Ikea cabinetry and dressers, and I just can’t get enough of the sleek, white, modern, clean look!  

Until next time, or if you need a amateur organizer/designer – hit me up!