Cierra Murphy

Blu Salon & Spa Owner

Life of an Auntie

I have always loved kids, and the moment I knew I wanted to marry my husband was when I saw how fantastic he was with my little cousin I lived with at the time. Now that we are parents and auntie and uncle to about 17 kiddos, we tend always to have extras at our house. Forrest constantly tells me I need to stop being a grandma, but it really is my dream job!  

My kids and I have the best times, and sometimes not the best times, with their cousins! We are so lucky to be within 45 min of ALL of their cousins!  It’s great for them to have built-in best friends so close. 

Crue, my oldest, and Maverick, a cousin living nearby, tend to always end up in some sort of predicament. Or maybe Mav and Auntie do.  

One occasion we had was when Mav was about 3 years old he wanted to sit in Curri’s “sit-me-up” seat…and got stuck. Not like “Oh, wiggle yourself free, it’ll be fine.” It was more like “Oh crap, I need to cut this thing apart…but with what?” Forrest had just started working one day a week from home, and Thank God it was that day! He got him out… barely. 

Another Auntie and Mav situation was that I had him and my kids at a doctor’s appointment before Mav and Crue went to school. Curri was just a baby and the doctor had given her a book. I asked Crue and Mav to throw it in my purse. 😅 Well, somehow I looked over literally seconds after the nurse left the room when I heard Mav scream. In my mind, I am thinking “What could be wrong?”  That’s when I saw Mav with my Epi-pen in one hand and his other hand shaking! I shout “Oh my goodness!” So I ran down the hall, thankfully we were already at the clinic 😂, and grabbed the nurse. He was going to be just fine, but I still wonder how he even got that thing apart! For all you Epi-pen users I am sure you are thinking the same thing. 😅

We have some of the best memories with our nieces and nephews and am sure I can go on and on with stories about them. I especially love how I will NEVER regret the time I take to make them feel like Auntie cares! I am also thankful my kiddos have had some of the very best memories with their mom, dad, and cousins! I love it. Every minute!