Cierra Murphy

Blu Salon & Spa Owner

We all fail... and that's ok

We all fail. You’ve heard it before, it’s how you recover from failure that makes you, you! There are not any truer words. I’ve failed a million times after starting Blu. For example…

1. I didn’t have enough money set aside for Covid. 

2. We didn’t qualify for anything for relief and I couldn’t do enough to make that happen. Even though, it may have been out of my control. It felt like failing. 

3. I have invested A LOT of time and energy into things that just didn’t work out. Example, salt float. While it was fantastic, and I still fully support my decision, it just wasn’t as profitable as other areas. I have even invested in staff that just didn’t feel the same for Blu as I did. Huge secret, it’s not their business so they shouldn’t care for it as much as the owner. That isn’t their responsibility. But, there have been times where Blu’s integrity wasn’t met or staff just didn’t feel the passion at Blu.  It still hurts and still feels like failure.  

4. I have failed as a mom. I have not paid attention to things and felt awful once I realized I wasn’t paying attention. 

5. I have let Curri roll in the dirt at a rodeo…she’s allergic to dirt (mold). Severely. She needed Benadryl within minutes and ER the next day. Parent fail! I promise nothing feels more like a failure than a mom who mistakenly makes the wrong choice.  

6. I have failed as a wife, by not showing emotions, and expecting my husband to determine if/when I am having feelings. I rarely feel a lot of emotions so it’s a guessing game for the poor guy.  

7. I have failed as a child/sister/etc. WE ALL HAVE. 

“FIGURE IT OUT!” – Crue says this is the quote I say the most 😉 True 

 Take the time to think about why you made the failing choice. Fix it. Don’t dwell. Dwelling, anxiety, and overthinking get you nowhere. I used to worry, I don’t anymore. Because you can make plan A, B, C, D ….. F….. Z. You will always fail but don’t think of yourself as a failure. Work hard, plan, grind and you can LEGIT do anything!