Cierra Murphy

Blu Salon & Spa Owner

Time Management - How I Maintain My Busy Schedule

The statement I get most often, “I don’t know how you do it.”  

My husband and I, from the beginning, have been the best team. We agreed on parameters for our kids and have tried extremely hard to keep them. We aren’t perfect, but we strive to give our kids the most of us. I still have some things to work out because life is always changing and evolving and I really do have a lot to still work on. You will likely never see/hear me say that things are perfect. You must know that NO ONE IS. NO ONE’S social media is their real life. Same for me. I have struggles, and so does our family, but we go with it and adapt and change for the next thing.  

The things I do to help me and my busy schedule:  

1. Coffee. Yes, it wakes me. It gives me comfort and courage to start my day. At first, I felt guilty for the added expense. Don’t get me wrong, I am very certain and aware that it costs money to stop at Starbucks. However, I very rarely drink alcohol, and if one coffee per day keeps me on track and I am certain that it is not harming anyone. It is my one vice, and I think everyone has that one thing that keeps them happy. 🙂 As long as it doesn’t hurt your family, you can afford it, and it doesn’t change your personality/perspective then it is ok.  

2. Nightly organization. Every night, weekends usually as well, I sit up after everyone goes to bed so I can focus. This is my time. My husband and I are opposite and it used to be hard on us, but now we have learned how to be there for each other and then we got in a great groove of our routines. So, I am the night owl that can focus at night, and he’s the early bird who gets the kids moving in the morning. So find your focus time and schedule. I always look at my next day, typically make 40 changes, then the week, then the month. It helps me mentally, SO MUCH. 

3. Having a Chellsy. She keeps me on my schedule. I’m terrible about saying yes too many times and over booking myself. This is one area I am working on, so she is helping me to get to that point. I do think that we have a mentality about profiting in our industry, so we tend not to say no. In reality, it helps no one to be overbooked. When you are to a point in your career where your value in doing something is great, then your clients/co-workers/etc. should be willing to wait for you. Again, this is my biggest struggle at the moment.  

4. Phone apps. They HELP! Find what works for you! My hotmail calendar is probably my best app for organizing my schedule. Plus, you can add it in a widget. 


Whatever you do, keep going. If something slips up, find a next plan. If things don’t go the way they should, take more time the next time you’re in your “focus hour” to plan more efficiently.