Cierra Murphy

Blu Salon & Spa Owner

Life Lessons With C

Last year we had a bunch of fresh out of high school or beauty school girls and there are so many things that kids just don’t know. My biggest question is, “How can you expect college age/kids to know how to do basic things in life if they’ve never been taught?” Example, insurance, life insurance, changing filters, cleaning washer and dryers, checking your oil, etc. There are a lot of things I still don’t know, but there are a lot of times when I am teaching the girls in the break room about something. We started to call it “Life Lessons with C.”  

Now, anytime the girls have a question I try to have someone video the answer because likely the one asking the question isn’t the only wanting to know the answer. Did you know that everytime you refinance you pay closing costs? These simple things are things that unless you’ve gone through them, you wouldn’t know. I love teaching lessons that are useful/helpful to others.  

Keep tuned. Maybe you’ll get some life lessons down the road!