Cierra Murphy

Blu Salon & Spa Owner


Hello everyone and welcome to an all new kind of blog! My name is Cierra Murphy, owner of Blu Salon + Spa in both Brookings and Watertown, South Dakota. I have recently discovered how much I am loving the movement of change in culture in the Salon + Spa + MedSpa industry. I’m taking farm girl values, real-life shit, and actually caring about employees + their home life to change a culture that should have been changed decades ago. It’s time to level up. The real. The life. The culture. With this blog, you’ll get motivational education, funny shit my kids do, and reality. 

think right now this world doesn’t live in real life – NO ENTREPRENEUR who has made it thinks that life is butterflies and rainbows. Let that sink in – millionaires and billionaires don’t wake up to a perfect day, EVER, so STOP thinking it’s going to happen to you and get real. I swear a little, I am not an emotional female, but I care about each and every single person I come into contact with. My motivation is seeing my staff succeed in every aspect of their lives and having clients who feel like family.

Join me on this wild journey and you might have more insightful thoughts, pause before you react for a situation, and even learn something? If not, my kids are funny!