Appointment No-Show Deposit

At Blu, we value both your time and the Stylist’s time. We understand that things come up and you may not be unable to attend your appointment. Please let us know 12 hours in advance if you cannot make your scheduled appointment. If more than 2 times we have less than 12 hour notice we will then ask for a 50% deposit on future appointments. If this appointment is also missed, we will then charge the full amount. As well as pre charge full amount for all future appointments. Thank you for understanding

Refund Policy - Retail Goods

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your product purchase, it may be returned to Blu Salon + Spa. A full refund will be issued on a return, provided the return is within 60 days of its original purchase and you are able to provide proof of your purchase via receipt or via traceable proof of purchase through Phorest. You will not receive a refund for product without valid proof of purchase or if the return date is beyond 60 days.

Not Satisfied?

We strive to always ensure that our client’s needs are met. If you are not 100% satisfied with your services at our salon, we are happy to schedule an adjustment appointment within a week of your original booking with the hopes of making it right!

Wedding Deposit

We at Blu want you to have the ultimate wedding experience and want to ensure you are in and out of the salon in a timely manner. With that being said, it is so unfortunate when we have a full morning of wedding services booked and no one comes. We get it, these things can happen, so to make sure all parties are satisfied we do ask for a $300 check for wedding parties with five or more people to be put on hold until the wedding date. What this means is that we get a $300 check to be held in our safe until date of wedding and all parties either pay individually (and the check will be returned to owner) or the $300 can be applied to the total sum of services provided and clients will be responsible for the remainder. If you have any questions please call us, we are always happy to clarify and help!

Membership Cancellation

You are able to cancel memberships with a 2 week notice. This is because of our system lead time to cancel the automatic withdraw.

At Blu Salon + Spa we really want what is best for ALL of our clients and our staff. Please feel free to reach out to our owner, Cierra Murphy, at any time an issue may arise. All policies are in place to ensure a high level of integrity, care and professionalism. Now RELAX, enjoy the comfort and happiness at BLU!