Cierra Murphy

Blu Salon & Spa Owner


I decided that I should wrap up 2022 in this blog post. Then I read that again and thought – wait, how did we get here so fast? I feel like I just sent the girls off to school! Ya… that sentence made me sound real old.  

Each and every year I try to look back on what I was thankful/grateful for. Outside of the normal God, family, and health – which are my top 3 every time….  

1. My kids’ daycare – I could not be any more grateful for our Vonnie who takes care of our kiddos. All of you fantastic people who care for our children are saints.

2. The way the girls at Blu are ALWAYS working on making Blu better. Cleaning, learning, trying, and even on the bad days! 

3. The work ethic my husband and I share. While how we work may not work for every family, it does for us and I am beyond grateful for that.  

4. Clients – I truly could just rant and rave about ALL of the support we’ve had at Blu, and our MedSpa clients with our expansion, but I couldn’t even begin to thank you all in this short of a blog. 

5. The ability to laugh – I realize how much laughter can heal all the sadness! 

The last bullet brings me to the funny “highlights” of the year! And hopefully they are continued throughout 2023! 

The girls wanted to participate in the Brookings Parade of Lights – We had a Grinch theme so the Grinch came to work at Blu for a bit – He might show up again! The girls got “Best use of Lights!”  


Nikki Showed up to work in this outfit and she realized who she resembled!  Hint movie Matilda 😉 

Crue found my old flower girl dress and decided she wanted to wear it for the day! 

You have to look close, but on Vacation in the Hills auntie Falon found Curri sleeping Under the bunk beds in the morning. She didn’t go to sleep that way 😉 

I had my first ever experience with a Snoop concert and while the music was good, we laughed most of the time!  


The Watertown crew had a golf day at top golf and some of those swings were killer! 

We learned that Codak needs to have a basketball hoop in every room. He wakes up asking for basketball!